About Brand Distribution Group

Brand Distribution Group is an international company with 25 years of experience. It meets the highest standards in the trade market. We gain on the difference in pricing goods from abroad and other markets. We buy goods at the best prices and sell them where there is a demand. We offer products at lower prices than those established in a given country.



We offer the highest quality of imported products, out of the worlds biggest brands like: Ariel, Persil, Vizir, Bonux, Lenor, Silan, Pur, Fairy, Surf, Comfort, Dalli, Softlan, Pampers, Always, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Lipton, Red Bull, Milka, Snickers, Kinder Bueno, Twix, Nutella, Toffifee, Merci, Kit Kat, Cronat Gold, Aroma, Nescafe, Pantene, Nivea, Fructis, Ajax, Ace, Vanish, Head & Shoulders, Fa, Dove, Kelloggs etc.


As an exclusive distributor, we offer an access to unique, top quality European brands like: Triumf, Little Angel, L'arbre Vert, Di Puro, Voll, Selpak, Dalli, and Renova. Inquire about these brands, while speaking to our traders!



Our sales offices are located in Warsaw, Bialystok, Hamburg, London and Girona in Spain

 Our Offices



Brand Distribution company was established in 1993. Its founders and owners are Angelika and Wiktor Sawosz. The company was established as an answer to growing market demand for high quality products and service. From the very beginning, the companys operations was oriented on international market. In the first few years on the market, many companies have recognized our reliability and established a solid partnership that continues to this day.
Currently, we have rapidly growing Sales Department, employing several multi-language traders. Our team consists of experienced managers and skilled workers. To meet our customers’ needs for a professional service, we are constantly developing our customer service department.


The success of Brand Distribution company is based on modern infrastructure and thoughtful organizational and technological solutions. Moreover, we are constantly working on the improvement of service standards, to be the best on the market.


Brand Distribution is simultaneously international and family business with 20 years of experience in FMCG trade. Over the years, we have gained the position of a reliable partner for many companies all over the world. Consistent board policy provides a strong foundation for further dynamic development.


1993 – founding Brand Distribution Group, establishment of Export Department
2004 – opening of logistics centre in Białystok with the main warehouse with total storage area of 3 000m2
2010 - opening of logistics centre in Czarna Białostocka with total storage area of 3200 m2 (situated on the area of 64 000 m2)
2013 – implementation of ERP system and creating B2B selling platform




We have a modern storage infrastructure, a new information system (ERP - Enterpise Resource Planning), our own shipping department, and a modern platform for B2B and B2C sales, all of which allows us to provide services at the highest level.


  • Storage Facilities (Hamburg, Białystok, Czarna Białostocka) - total storage area of more than 6200m2 (over 5200 pallet places)
  • Transport and Shipping Company, with a fleet consisting of dozens of modern trucks
  • Storage Services
  • Labelling and Stickering



We cooperate with Clients on a global scale. Our export and import departments, overseas offices and own transport fleet allows us to serve you in a comprehensive, effective and professional way. We are able to reach you wherever you are.

 Distribution Range



We have customers from all over the world. We cooperate with:

  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • International C&C networks
  • International retail shop chains


Our main goal is to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. We provide them with an access to unique, high quality international brands.


Thank You for Your trust!